Harvan Manufacturing Ltd. | Customized Solutions for Your Manufacturing Needs
Family Owned and Operated - Manufacturing Quality Components for over 25 Years Our central location in Woodstock Ontario, Canada allows us to provide effective solutions for
our domestic, U.S. and international customers.

Value Added Services                                                           

Engineering CAD/CAM (2D or 3D)

Our Engineering Team uses SolidWorks 2015 for our 2D and 3D modeling and CAD requirements. We use MasterCam to create programs for our CNC machines, and recently invested in MasterCamX2 for our CAM requirements, which allow us to do complicated or prototype parts.

Rapid Prototyping

Our Spectrum Z510 3D printer can transform a 3D model into a plastic prototype in minutes. This is very useful for product realization and drawing proofing.


Harvan Manufacturing Ltd. has an extensive network of subcontractors to handle all metal finishing, heat treating, coatings, stellite hard face welding or third party inspections which may be required to complete your parts.


We have in-house lapping, burnishing, cylindrical and centerless grinding, balancing, pretwisting, polishing and magnetic particle inspection (MPI) capabilities to streamline the processing of your parts.


Our Assembly Team completes mechanical and electrical assemblies in our assembly and staging area which is flexible in size from 5000 to 15,000 square feet. We can handle subassemblies or complete assemblies up to 1000 lb in size. We can handle anything from pressing bearings or adding fasteners to machined components, to hydraulic and lift assisted large assemblies.

Harvan Manufacturing Ltd. | Customized Solutions for Your Manufacturing Needs