For over 30 years, Harvan Manufacturing Ltd. has been the trusted name in machining & welding quality manufactured parts. Our family-owned and -operated business is powered by a loyal, experienced team of licensed machinists, CWB certified welders, technologists, engineers, and administrators that are here to help you with new components or replacement parts.

Our conveniently located 49,000 sq. ft. ISO 9001:2015 certified facility houses all of our departments under one roof. The expanded layout was thoughtfully and purposefully designed and is optimized for the most efficient material flow. The primary capabilities for our facility include:

The Industries We Serve

Defense and Military Vehicles and Equipment

Military and defense vehicles have to be equipped to traverse any geography, which means they need an independent suspension specifically designed with the most challenging conditions in mind. These vehicles must remain safe and stable from road surfaces to uneven terrain. They also have the purpose of keeping people safe. Some components that we manufacture specifically for the military and defense industry are:

  • Control Arms
  • Torsion Bars
  • Stabilizer Bars
  • Height Management Sensors
  • Brackets, hinges, plates etc.

Agriculture and Forestry

At Harvan, we understand the specific demands presented by agricultural applications and know that strength and durability are essential. Our experienced team manufactures replacement parts and critical components for machinery and equipment used in the agriculture & forestry sectors. We employ our machining & welding capabilities to make the following components and more:

  • Wobble shafts
  • Pulleys
  • Splined shafts
  • PTO Components

Industrial Valve and Controls

Valves are used in many industries and applications where there is a need to maintain control over the flow and pressure of liquids and gases. These parts require specific design, engineering, and fabrication to protect the environment, the equipment, and the employees who work with them. Our experienced team provides many services that enable the safe operation of flow control devices in fields such as marine, petrochemical, and chemical processing.

The capabilities that allow us to fabricate quality industrial valve components and controls include utilizing a combination of our lathes, and mills to machine every aspect of the valve component. Our CNC machines use the latest technology for machining precision parts to the smallest tolerances. Our certified welders provide state-of-the-art welding services in compliance with AWS codes. All told, Harvan’s machining & welding capabilities are sure to produce a quality part for you!

Off-Road Vehicles and Heavy Trucks

It’s not only the military and defense industries that need parts for treacherous terrain. At Harvan, we also cater to the needs of off-road and heavy-duty trucks for durable and reliable suspension components. Whether it is construction equipment or large trucks that need to remain stable on all types of topography, we have the reliable drive line parts that they need for accurate and reliable vehicle handling.

Custom Precision MachiningOur Manufacturing Process

At Harvan, we have our custom manufacturing process down to a fine art:

  • Quoting: Our customers approach us with drawings and ask for pricing and lead-time. Our quoting department then breaks down what processes we need to do in order to manufacture that part, what material we need to use and what that cost is and any other costs such as subcontract painting, plating or heat treating. Our Enterprise Resource Planning software then compiles all those costs into a method and quote for our customer.
  • Purchase Order Review: Once a customer sends in a purchase order, we take the time to enter it carefully into our ERP, review all quality clauses present and create a job. When we create a job in our ERP it grabs the “method” that quoting created when reviewing the drawing during the initial quoting process.
  • Engineering Review: Our engineering then reviews the job before it goes to the floor to begin manufacturing. During this engineering process we check for tolerances on drawings, create inspection reports, and adjust any methods or materials as necessary to meet customer requirements that may have been skimmed over in quoting.
  • Purchasing: Our purchasing department receives all critical information from engineering. What type of material to buy, what size, how much etc. Often our purchasing goes back to our material suppliers for updated quotes as time has passed since quoting initially retrieved raw material quotes. All material is checked upon arrival to ensure all physical dimensions and paperwork meet the drawing’s requirements.
  • Manufacturing: This is where the fun begins. Our skilled team reviews the processes laid out in our job packages. Every job is different and there are many different manufacturing processes that we do here at Harvan. A typical job would start with gathering and issuing the raw material. The raw material would then be taken over to the required machine, set up and programmed and then run by one of our skilled operators. Parts then go through any subcontract operations required such as paint, plating etc. We then do any laser marking, etching or labelling to ensure all parts are properly identified before their final quality check.
  • Quality Control: This is a three-part process once we start working on your order. Every operation requires a “first-off” this is when we make one part, stop and fully inspect it at that stage to ensure it is meeting all drawing requirements and we are within tolerances etc. We then check every 10 parts to ensure nothing is changing during the manufacturing process. The final stage of our quality control is our final inspection. Before any parts leave our building, QA stops and looks over everything to ensure all parts are up to par and meet our customer’s requirements and drawings.

Custom Precision Machining by Harvan Manufacturing

Whether you need custom manufactured parts or replacement parts, the team at Harvan Manufacturing can fabricate it. Our skilled team can produce a product quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively from your idea to the finished part. We supply components for diverse industries, from military to heavy machinery to oil and gas and more where quality, precision, and durability are of utmost importance.

For more information on our machining & welding capabilities, services, or products, contact us today. If you would like to receive a quote, submit a request online.