Family owned and operated, Harvan Manufacturing Ltd. has manufactured quality components for over 25 years.

We’re very proud of our team, many of whom have been with us for more than ten years. Our licensed machinists, CWB certified welders, technologists, engineers and administrators, 60 members strong, are all committed to high quality and work closely with one another to meet your production needs.

Plant Layout

Our plant is laid out to maximize our productivity by minimizing movement of materials. The receiving and shipping departments are located at opposite ends of the plant for optimal material flow. The Quality Assurance office is centrally located, but biased towards the shipping department to facilitate final inspection.

Please see our PDF Plant Layout (PDF – 254KB) for more detail.

Harvan’s Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

At Harvan, we manufacture high quality, precision components for our customers in industries where nothing less is
acceptable. We achieve this through developing leadership and talent at every level of the organization through our belief
in integrity, innovation, and passion for the craft.

Our Vision

At Harvan, we never want to compare ourselves to others. If we do, we will only ever be looking at their tail-lights. We
make decisions based upon the needs and demands we see in our industry and from our customers. We respond to
those needs with innovation for the sole purpose to be better than we were yesterday.

Harvan’s Core Values

Leadership – Leadership has never been more important in the world than right now. Leadership isn’t authority, its a
mentality to help your teammates. It’s the mentality that tells you to run back after you’ve finished the race and help the
last guy finish. Its the drive to assemble a group together when a customer calls and needs his parts last minute. Its
sacrificing yourself to help others. We believe in inspiring leadership at every level of the company.

Integrity – Integrity is the notion of doing the right thing even when nobody is looking. Its the refusal of mediocrity and the
initiative to surpass expectations. Many of our products protect men and women on the battlefield, prevent oil spills and
help run nuclear reactors. Integrity is paramount. If we do our jobs well and show integrity, you will never hear about us.

Innovation – Innovation fuels all of science and technology, it is the fundamental principle of how we improve. Innovation
requires throwing out the status quo and challenging the way we do things. Just because something has always been a
certain way, doesn’t mean it makes sense today. We should be constantly striving to create better ways of doing things.
This is what makes us competitive and what fuels technological advancements.

Passion for the craft – We believe that part of the reason manufacturing has been pushed to the side in North America is
a lack of passion for the craft. We have compartmentalized these positions into large companies out of a lack of trust and
a neglect of training. We make the jobs simple and monotonous and we accept that as normal. At Harvan we believe
manufacturing is an art, making sure every surface finish is flawless and every dimension is held. We want to change the
perception of manufacturing and bring new pride to skilled trades.