The Efficiency & Benefits of Reshoring Initiatives

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Over the past few years, the reshoring initiative has brought manufacturing operations back to North American soil. This process accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many companies faced interrupted supply chains, long delays, and communication challenges with their overseas facilities. Harvan Manufacturing is proud of its Canadian facility and fully supports the reshoring initiative to benefit our clients with more efficient, cost-effective production.

Proud to Be a Part of Ontario Made

Ontario Made promotes and celebrates Ontario manufacturers and the 750,000 workers who help create products like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, automobiles, clothing, and more—right here in Ontario.

Harvan Manufacturing is a proud member of Ontario Made, because we know that Canadian manufacturing is good for our clients and our community. Defense contracts, for example, require a certain percentage of components to be made and assembled in Canada, and many Canadian consumers prefer products that are made at home.

Domestic operations also allow for greater quality control. This is something we’re especially proud of, as we can ensure your challenging geometric dimensioning and tolerancing is carefully proofed, measured, and manufactured.

When customers have the opportunity to work directly with a small company, the service is focused and efficient. We’re able to tune into the specific needs of a project rather than spend our time navigating a long supply chain, logistics challenges, and multiple facilities operating across languages and time zones. Harvan is in an especially unique and beneficial position with a major highway right outside the door, the eastern United States within reach, and a number of key suppliers in the area.

What Are the Advantages of Reshoring for Customers?

It was long assumed that offshore manufacturing led to lower costs overall, which helped reduce the price of products for the consumer. While this can be true, there are a number of variables associated with offshore manufacturing that lead to inconsistencies, delays, and quality concerns. The companies themselves enjoy several advantages of reshoring, but it’s important to note how reshoring also benefits the customers:

  • Higher Quality Products: By reshoring, manufacturers take control of their quality assurance programs rather than leaving them in the hands of individuals who may have different standards. Products produced in Canada are manufactured according to Canadian laws and regulations.
  • Less Risk of Delay and Error: Shorter supply chains decrease the risk of something going wrong. Since the products themselves don’t have to travel as far, they’re also at less risk of being damaged in transit. This leads to faster delivery times for the consumer.
  • Lower Costs: While the cost of labor may be higher in a domestic facility than it would be in an offshore plant, reshoring lowers the cost of transportation (not to mention a lower carbon footprint), packaging, and communication. With a streamlined production and logistics process, it’s still possible for manufacturers to create affordable products.
  • Improved Responsiveness: If you discover an error in the morning, your facility on the other side of the world is already in bed. When you have to cross that many time zones, you can’t start to fix the problem until they get back to work the next day. By keeping operations in the same (or a similar) time zone, a manufacturer is able to address problems immediately. The company is also able to address changing customer needs more quickly.

For more than 30 years, Harvan Manufacturing has provided high-quality welding fabrication, custom precision machining, laser and waterjet cutting, and a variety of value-added services for our clients in a number of industries, including military, agriculture, forestry, off-road vehicles, industrial controls, and more. With a focus on leadership, integrity, innovation, and true passion for our craft, we’re dedicated to serving our clients, and we know we’re best equipped to do that right here in Ontario.


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