Equipment Spotlight: HandySCAN 3D Black Elite for Product Development

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Harvan Manufacturing provides an extensive selection of value-added services to supplement our machining and manufacturing capabilities. From prototyping and product development to reverse engineering, our team solves complex problems to improve your product’s manufacturability. At Harvan, we use the most sophisticated manufacturing and inspection equipment available, including Creaform’s flagship handheld 3D laser scanner, the HandySCAN 3D Black Elite.

HandyScan 3D scanner for product development and prototypingHarvan Proudly Uses Creaform’s HandySCAN 3D for Manufacturing

Creaform’s HandySCAN 3D is a metrology-grade handheld 3D laser scanner specially designed to help solve challenging engineering and manufacturing problems. In real-time, it delivers a high-resolution 3D scan with an accuracy of up to 0.025mm (.0009in). The HandySCAN 3D is capable of scanning a large variety of complex solid objects, ranging in size from 0.05m to more than 4m (0.15ft to 13ft).  Most object surfaces are easily captured by the HandySCAN 3D regardless of material, finish or colour, from rough matte black to gleaming chrome finishes.

On almost any project, Harvan can quickly and accurately acquire 3D scans of your components for measurement or reverse engineering using this technology. The HandySCAN 3D scanner is a valuable tool for all phases of a product’s lifecycle. At Harvan, we use this 3D scanner in many stages of product development for our customers, including:


Using this device, we can accurately measure parts and generate a CAD file for reverse engineering or reproduction when a model is not available.

Manufacturing/Quality Assurance

This scanner is a valuable asset to our production process. We are able to scan parts without removing them from fixtures and easily verify part dimensions at all stages of machining by performing scanned part to CAD model comparisons. This allows us to quickly identify quality issues in our first off parts that may be difficult using traditional methods.


3D scans allow us to rapidly and accurately identify surface defects such as dents and bubbling. It can aid in the reverse engineering of replacement parts, and provide documentation of tooling before maintenance, and more.

Since the HandySCAN 3D is portable and does not require a rigid setup, it takes only minutes to begin obtaining scan data anywhere on our shop floor.  Multiple scans of an object can be merged, allowing for all sides of a part to be included in the final inspection model.  After the scanning of an object is complete, Creaform’s software allows us to generate an optimized mesh file in ready-to-use formats such as STL or OBJ. The files are then ready to be imported as CAD references or checked in our inspection software against a nominal CAD model. This greatly reduces the time required to perform part inspections or optimize designs and allows our customers to receive their expertly crafted end product more quickly.

The Best Results in Product Development & Reverse Engineering

The HandySCAN 3D is a highly accurate and sophisticated data acquisition system. It requires no external tracking or positioning devices and uses triangulation of reflective markers to determine its relative position to the component being scanned. The results are accurate, repeatable, and scaleable regardless of the application it is being used for.

Harvan relies on the HandySCAN 3D Black Elite because it is one of the fastest and most accurate 3D laser scanners on the market and provides industry leading measurement rates. Its capabilities allow us to provide superior product development and quality assurance services for our customers. Obtaining highly accurate measurements quickly decreases production time and allows us to implement changes to a product’s design or manufacturing method easily. 3D scanning a physical object quickly allows us to identify points that can be improved upon to get the best possible result. The HandySCAN 3D facilitates better manufacturing standards while decreasing production time and development costs.

In reverse engineering applications, 3D laser scanning greatly reduces the need for manual deconstruction and removes many of the difficulties of measuring non-polyhedral shaped objects. Required time to complete reverse engineering projects is minimized at Harvan due to the ease of obtaining precise measurements. The HandySCAN 3D provides clear dimensions of thousands of surface points within seconds, greatly simplifying design steps in reverse engineering projects.

Harvan: Your Source for Manufacturing Solutions!

Creaform’s HandySCAN 3D Black Elite laser scanner has significantly improved the manufacturing process for product development and reverse engineering applications.  The fast and accurate 3D scans reduce a project’s required time and cost. At Harvan Manufacturing, we use this 3D scanner to provide our customers with an improved manufacturing experience. We obtain highly accurate measurements quickly for quality assurance, optimize our production methods, and solve challenging engineering problems.

Whether you are looking to develop a prototype, improve an existing design, or have us inspect your part we have a solution for you. If you are interested in learning more about how the HandySCAN 3D could benefit your project, please contact us. To get started on a solution today, request a quote.