Harvan Manufacturing Equipment Spotlight: Haas UMC

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Harvan Manufacturing combines state-of-the-art machinery from the leading manufacturers with dedicated machinists, technicians, and engineers. We rely on over 30 years of experience and continuously refined quality control best practices, achieving the highest levels of accuracy in every component we produce. 

At Harvan, we invest in the leading machining and inspection equipment, including the advanced UMC-750 5-axis machining center from Haas, to deliver products with outstanding quality and craftsmanship. 5-axis machining delivers consistent accuracy and a simple setup for parts with multiple sides and high complexity.

Harvan Uses the Haas’ UMC-750 Machine for Precision Machining

Haas’ UMC-750 is a 5-axis universal machining center, delivering simultaneous 5-direction machining. It is capable of increasing productivity over 3 + 2 machining centers by machining workpieces from the X, Y, Z axis, and A and B axis at the same time. 5-axis machining allows us to achieve more complex geometries with fewer limitations. The UMC-750 is suitable for a wide range of tooling configurations with a 30+1 side-mount tool changer.

Harvan’s machinists take full advantage of the U.S.-manufactured machining center’s features, including a powerful 8100 RPM inline direct-drive spindle, wireless intuitive probing system, 55-gallon variable flow coolant tank, and a large capacity side-mount tool changer. The machine’s dual-axis trunnion table comes with a precision pilot bore, standard T-slots, a 500 mm diameter platter, and a dual-axis trunnion table to deliver maximum fixturing versatility.

Optimal Results for Precision Machining

Equipment Spotlight HAAS UMC

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The UMC-750 from Haas delivers some of the best precision machining results due to its 5-axis machining capabilities and many features. In addition to the UMC-750’s powerful spindle and 30+1 side-mount tool changer, it also offers the feature-rich Haas Control. The Haas Control allows for remote monitoring with HaasConnect and remote file transfer with HaasDrop, connecting to the network using WiFi or an Ethernet interface. The CNC control cabinet features a cooler to prevent overheating and the machining center features a module that preemptively detects power failures.

The UMC-750 comes with 1GB of standard program memory to reduce the need for external storage. It features a touch screen control, a large-size remote jog handle with a touchscreen interface, and the M130 media display. The M130 media display allows our operators to view supplemental videos and images from the Haas Control and works seamlessly with HaasDrop media files or a USB flash drive.

Haas’ UMC-750 performs rigid tapping with built-in tap cycles and synchronization. It can thread workpieces and retracts at 8x speed. Safe Run is a feature of the UMC-750 that protects the machine from damage by detecting and reducing potential crashes milliseconds before they occur. The machine center’s second home position allows our operator to set a second home position and send the axis to its second home with the press of a button for quick and easy tool replacement. Haas’ dynamic work offsets and tool center point control are programmed into the UMC-750 software, making complex 5-axis operations simple.

The primary advantage of the Haas UMC-750 is its 5-axis machining capabilities. 5-axis machining centers provide improved versatility and productivity over 3- and 4-axis centers. 5 axes allow fewer operators to manufacture parts in larger volumes more quickly, reducing costs and lead times. 5-axis machining centers reduce vibration while machining, creating better surface finishes. A 5-axis mill is easier to set up than the complex workpiece configurations of a 3-axis machine and can replace several machines to free up floor space. It also improves tool life, avoids collision, and includes integrated hole drilling.

Manufacturing Solutions at Harvan

The Haas UMC-750 5-axis machining center allows our engineers and technicians at Harvan to focus their energy on design and quality. With its easy setup of multi-sided parts and improved flexibility to efficiently machine complex parts with high precision, we can produce more custom components with shorter lead times and lower costs. The Haas UMC-750 features a powerful inline spindle and a wide range of features that Harvan operators use to the fullest potential. 

Harvan is a leader in quality control and has been in business since 1984. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, comply with CSA Standard W47.1, and are certified by the Canada Controlled Goods Program. Contact us to learn more or request a quote today.