Ontario Apprentice Programs

Finding an apprenticeship in Ontario is an ideal opportunity for acquiring on-the-job experience and developing a skill set that will appeal to future employers, all while getting paid. The Ontario government offers apprenticeship programs for over 144 trades in industries such as the automotive, construction, electrical, mechanical, and manufacturing sectors.

If you’re interested in Ontario apprenticeship programs, various free resources are available to help you. Contacting Employment Ontario online or visiting one of their apprenticeship offices near you is one way to gather information about trade program options, and you can also enroll for free pre-apprenticeship training. Skilled Trades Ontario, offers useful materials about trade classifications, training standards, any necessary exams, and resources on how to get an apprenticeship in Ontario. 

For those interested in the machinist trade specifically, read on for an overview of how to become an apprentice.

Becoming a Machinist Apprentice in Ontario

Using conventional or CNC machining equipment, machinists shape, cut, and finish metals to create precision components for an array of manufacturing applications. To become a machinist apprentice and learn these crucial skills, follow these general steps:

  • Ensure that you qualify
    • You’re at least 16 years old 
    • You have proof of your permission to legally work in Canada
    • You’ve graduated high school, received your GED, or otherwise met any machining education or grade-level requirements
  • Find an employer willing to sponsor your program by talking to your guidance counselor, college placement office, and local companies or reviewing online resources like Employment Ontario 
  • Apply for apprenticeship approval 
    • Apply online through Skilled Trades Ontario if you’re 18 or older
    • Fill out the application form from the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development, submitting it to your local Employment Ontario office if you’re 16 or 17
  • Create, approve, and sign the training agreement between you and your training sponsor
  • Register the apprenticeship program for tracking and certification purposes

The steps outlined above describe the conventional route, but there are many different pathways you can take to obtain apprenticeship jobs in Ontario. Students looking for apprentice programs in Ontario also have the option of the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, the Specialist High Skills Major Program, the Dual-Credit Program, and the College Full-Time Certificate Program to receive on-the-job training and complete related coursework while earning their high school diploma or college degree. Additionally, some trade groups or unions manage their own training programs and act as the sponsor rather than a single employer. 

There are also pre-apprenticeship programs available that last for less than 52 weeks, which is training that typically counts toward your future apprenticeship. These programs provide academic upgrading for those who haven’t yet reached Grade 12 and will often help in your apprenticeship search.

Machinist Apprenticeship Length in Ontario 

Once you’ve found and registered an Ontario apprenticeship, it will typically take two to five years to complete, depending on the field. Machinist apprenticeship jobs take about four years or a total of approximately 8,000 hours of both on-the-job and classroom training.

Training on the Job

A skilled machinist provides the on-the-job portion of the apprenticeship. The apprentice will receive practical training to develop necessary machinist skills and competency as the Apprenticeship Training Standard Log Book requires. Your sponsor will sign sections of this standard periodically, verifying that you’ve successfully achieved each machinist training objective. Apprentices will receive 7,280 hours of on-the-job experience.

Training in the Classroom

In-school training makes up the remaining 720 hours of an apprenticeship. It gives you the necessary theoretical knowledge to pass the Certificate of Qualification test as a general machinist. You may be able to choose from different time frames and course formats depending on the program schedule, including part-time, full-time, day-release, or online and correspondence class options.

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