Finding a safe and effective place to store garbage outdoors has puzzled humanity for centuries. As other technologies have blossomed, we are still putting our garbage outside into boxes with lids. Sure, the materials have advanced, but the product remains the same. That is until recently when a team of inventors from Canada, and neighbors of Harvan, created the EarthBin™.

The EarthBin™ is a completely sealed outdoor litterbin and waste collection point in one package. It allows for easy depositing of garbage bags, trash, litter, and recycling. However that is where its similarities with regular bins end. According to their website, the EarthBin™ has a slew of innovative features including:

  • A slam latch that keeps everything inside and prevents illegal dumping and theft.
  • An underground container that sits 6 feet below the surface, which keeps the waste cooler and smells at bay.
  • Thanks to less odor, pests are less attracted to the waste and when locked, it is impossible for them to gain access.
  • Easier access and lifting for garbage collectors thanks to auto gravity latches.
  • Weather-resistant plastic and galvanized steel construction.

At Harvan, we are proud that we have played a role in bringing this innovative product to market. EarthBin™ came to us looking for a machine shop to do the metal fabricating and final assembly.

To get a better understanding of why EarthBin™ may change the way garbage is collected in the future, you can check out this informative report from the folks at CTV News or you can always visit EarthBin’s website. To find out more about how Harvan helped EarthBin™ with our industry-leading metal fabricating, contact us today.

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