Many of our customers in the valve industry have customers of their own in the nuclear industry. Our customers supply a range of valves including pressure release valves and control valves. As the title of our blog says, we often spline the actuator shafts for these valves.

Components operating in nuclear operations have to be built to withstand some harsh conditions. Drastic shifts in temperature, high pressures, high heats and corrosive chemicals all make for a tough environment. To combat these conditions we use a variety of Hastelloy® alloys that are well suited for the task.

These alloys contain high amounts of nickel, which makes them difficult to cut. To get the job done we use carbide tipped cutters. We also slow down the speeds and feeds of our machines in order to get a clean, smooth finish, and to keep tolerances tight.

One of the most import aspects of working on nuclear applications is keeping track of every last bit of material. Between ultrasonic and x-ray tests, materials are thoroughly examined to make sure they’re internally strong with no folds or flaws. If we buy the material, we make sure the Certified Material Test Report (CMTR) has all the information our customers require. After all of these steps have been taken, the last thing anyone wants is for material to be subbed out or lost track of. Here at Harvan we have meticulous ISO 9001:2008 certified documentation systems in place. Our computer system tracks where each piece of material is at any given time.

From material management straight on through product fabrication, we uphold the highest quality standards for customers who require nothing less. So if you need actuator shafts, or any other component for use in high stress nuclear applications, you can count on Harvan Engineering.

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