Having a view of our world that includes being a sustainable member of the business community has increased over the past few years. Throughout the manufacturing and engineering fields, companies are working to make contributions toward a cleaner environment and a sustainable future. Everything from new approaches to manufacturing that reduce demand for resources that are scarce to the development of alternative energy sources like solar and wind are being tested and used by companies small and large.

We’ve seen companies use new advances in technology to use energy in a smart manner via automation systems. Engineers are constantly re-engineering systems and equipment in order to eliminate wasted materials, energy consumption, and even motion.

Here are a few of the things that we at Harvan Engineering have taken on over the past few years to become a more sustainable operation:

  • Recycle all of our scraps.
  • Recycling initiatives throughout our operations.
  • Reduce amount of paper that we use.
  • We have been working to ensure that any chemicals we use in processes are as environmentally safe as is available on the market.
  • We continually work to remove processes if they are unhealthy to our employees, our neighbors and to the environment in general.
  • Our lighting has been upgraded in the shop to save energy.
  • We have instituted an Environmental Policy, as part of our Health and Safety Management System, in order to have guiding principles to work from each day.

We are committed to becoming more sustainable for our employees, our community, and especially for our customers. We believe that we can develop and build products that are as good if not better via sustainable methodologies and practices. We look forward to progressing forward down this path in the New Year. Happy 2014!

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