Mobile Garbage Bins (MGB) are unsightly—plain and simple. Have you ever been in a park with an overflowing MGB, or gone to eat at a fast food restaurant with a fenced in MGB out back? They’re dirty, disgusting and at odds with the surrounding scenery. What’s more, they’re ineffective and difficult to use. When we say they’re ineffective, we mean that because they’re not sealed they oftentimes leak. And with a loading height over the heads of many individuals, workers who have to take out the trash are often forced to heave bags of garbage above their heads, which can result in disgusting mishaps, and MGB lids being left open. When left open, MGBs become home to rats, roaches and other creatures.

But they are, after all, garbage bins. They’re trash receptacles and generally accepted as a dirty, but necessary, evil—until now. Here at Harvan, we’re proud to partner with EarthBin. Innovation often strikes when someone takes a hard look at something that everyone else thought couldn’t be improved upon, and that’s exactly what this company has done.  Their Earthbin solves all of the problems listed above. With a low loading height, they’re easy for workers to use. A locking lid keeps out pests, and holds in odors. And because the Earthbin extends into the ground, it can hold more garbage than traditional MGBs. A double layer containment system ensures that nothing leaks into the surrounding soil. And despite the extended container, the Earthbin can be emptied by conventional commercial garbage trucks.

Harvan is partnering with Earthbin to bring their product to life by providing metal fabrication and final assembly.

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