Architectural design is a field bursting with creativity. In a custom designed house nearly everything is a one-off. Counter tops, trim pieces, light fixtures, doors, railings, staircases, even house numbers—everything is designed to give the house a special look that reflects the style of the architect and the character of the homeowners.

Our capabilities here at Harvan are perfectly suited to undertake the meticulous manufacturing of each and every one of these components. We’re used to manufacturing to tight tolerances for military applications, so we’re well equipped to handle complex designs. Our waterjet cutter enables us to work with marble and granite, even enabling us to inlay the marble with metal. Along with our laser cutting equipment, we can form and shape sheet metal into any number of items, from back splashes to bed frames.

Architects have a penchant for coming up with some truly weird and wonderful ideas. We can help make those ideas reality, and offer advice on manufacturability while we’re at it.


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