In today’s hectic business and manufacturing world, there just isn’t any time to waste. Being the best is not good enough anymore; now you also have to be the fastest and most cost-effective. At Harvan Engineering, we know a thing or two about being the best, being timely, and getting the job done for the right price. However, it is important to understand that the process that one must go through to bring a product from idea to creation to delivery can be tricky.

To start with, there is getting all the right forms filled out, quotes delivered, and materials picked out. With the expertise of our team, we know what can go wrong, like hard to reach subcontractors, and take care of all of these obstacles for our clients. It is important to know that Harvan handles massive projects from the world’s biggest military contractors, so putting together even the most complex quote is part of our daily routine.

Once we get you all settled in, the prototype stage comes next. Our Spectrum Z510 3D printer is perfect for creating quick and accurate prototypes. We know the prototype stage is a great opportunity to work closely with our customers to make sure all of their needs and demands are met. It gives you the chance to put your prototype through its paces. Many of our larger government customers have to go through tens, if not hundreds, of different tests on top of an often-exhausting approval process. Harvan is there to make sure nothing enters the manufacturing stage unless it is perfect. This attention to detail saves our client’s both time and money wasted on mid-production changes.Machining process

After everything is in place, Harvan has finishing (including in-house lapping, burnishing and grinding) and assembly capabilities for the final touches. Our production facilities can handle everything from 1 to 10,000 products a year and when combined with our highly skilled work force, you know the job will be done right, on-time, and on-budget.

No matter what industry you excel in, be it defense, agriculture, or industrial valves and controls, if you need to take a product quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively from idea to completion, you know you can count on our team.

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