The old mantra about not putting too many eggs in one basket is an important tenet in manufacturing. As some industries experience highs, others suffer lows. The key to being a successful manufacturer is working with multiple industries in order to avoid being hit too hard by the lows of one or two. In keeping with the idea of spreading our eggs throughout multiple baskets, there are a number of industries that we’re seeking to do more work with in 2013.


Renewable Energy

The enthusiasm for going green seems to grow by the day. As this enthusiasm swells, wind and solar companies are forging ahead with new technologies that increase the financial viability of these energy sources. These advances are creating a burgeoning industry from a historically small market sector.


Waste Management

Waste management is all about reducing baseline costs. By lowering the volume and grade of waste a company produces, that company can save on the cost of shipping that waste to landfills. Here too companies are hard at work creating new equipment to maximize the efficiency of waste management systems.


These are just two examples of markets we’re hoping to work more with in 2013. Their common theme is innovation. Here at Harvan we work well with innovative clients. Getting an idea down on paper and then turning that into a physical product can be a difficult process. We work with our customers to hone their ideas, correcting defects and enhancing quality until the product in their hand matches the idea in their head. If you’re trying to bring something to life, Harvan can help.

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