A little while back we attended the Performance Racing Industry Show. The show saw a smaller turnout than it had in previous years, but we still received quotes which we promptly got to work on. The needs of the performance racing industry are a great fit for what we do best: low volume, high precision custom parts.


As you can imagine, the high stresses and high loads put on every single component of a race car are incredibly demanding. The requirements of the performance racing industry are similar to those demanded by the military industry. We submitted a quote for torsion bars for high performance vehicles to one of the contacts we made at the show, and we were able to draw on our experience from similar military projects we had completed in the past.


Often times race teams require difficult parts that other shops simply won’t do. As a result many of these teams have invested in small pieces of manual machining equipment and started making their own parts. We can get tolerances tighter, and make parts nicer looking and more resilient.


Racing is about constant improvement. When our customers come to us with ideas they want to try out, our team is ready to get to work. We can tweak heat treating and material selection, and modify designs to make stronger, longer lasting parts.


From torsion bars and steering rack parts to electric vehicle components, we’re excited to bring our expertise to more performance racing projects.


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