As providers of customized manufacturing solutions, we at Harvan Engineering are heavily involved in all aspects of our clients’ projects, and we are constantly working very closely with them from start to finish. In that aspect, we can be considered a one-stop-shop.

This means that sometimes we are asked to prototype parts, and sometimes we are prototyping without actually being aware of it. How so? A client might bring us a drawing and ask us to fix any problems and make it work, and we create a solution and are the first to actually make the part. In basic terms, this is prototyping, but for us, it’s just what we do to ensure our clients’ needs are fully met.

Oftentimes when we receive drawings, we see mistakes in the design—perhaps the tolerances don’t meet the overall dimension, or several design details mean something isn’t actually feasible. Perhaps with the tooling that is commonly available, something can’t be made as specified, or the material selection won’t work for how the part is made. Sometimes the standards don’t make sense; there can be different standards for the bar, sheet, and rod, and these details must be correct for drawing clarity.

Our job is to make the part manufacturable and to do so in a way that meets all of our customer’s needs and specifications. We draw upon over 25 years of experience and expertise in materials and manufacturing, so we can look at a drawing and help contribute to the design, giving solid solutions. We know that what is on paper has to be able to be manufactured, and that you can’t leave things open to interpretation. The TDP (total drawing package) needs to explain how a part is made.

Through our help in this process, we can save both time and money, ensuring no mistakes are made and that everything is easily achievable. Different departments within our company all have a role in reviewing the drawings and making sure everything makes sense, providing a complete, hands-on solution backed by true expertise.

We know that at the end of the day, time is precious and your product’s design must be flawless. Our experience and commitment ensures both your time and design’s integrity will be saved.

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