The projects our clients bring to us at Harvan are not small undertakings. They present challenges in both design and engineering, and they’re important components of our clients’ businesses. We turn out the highest quality products to match their needs. To achieve that we employ various inspection systems—and we tie them all together with Epicor software.

You may be wondering why the software we use is so important. It’s important because it represents a commitment to our clients. We’re not the largest company out there, but the largest companies use this software, and by implementing it ourselves it means we’re competing at the same level as the biggest and best in our industry.

We’ve been using Epicor software since 1998. And we just finished converting to the latest, most advanced version available. This software allows us to be faster, save on costs and offer our clients the most accurate activity based costing. Most companies apply a flat shop rate to their production, but that doesn’t accurately represent the cost of most parts—and typically that means customers are paying more than they should be. With the Epicor software, if a job has to go through three machines with three different operating costs, we track those costs to ensure an accurate price for our clients.

The software is also customizable, allowing us to tune our systems to our clients’ exact needs. We can choose from different ways of storing data, different documentation and different cost reporting—all of which come together to create a business process specific to each company we work with.

Our Epicor software helps us do our job: Providing exactly what our clients need at the highest quality—all for a fair price.

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