Harvan Manufacturing Ltd. has more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality valve components. We work with a wide range of industries, including the oil and gas sector, to manufacture parts for the valves used. Harvan is proud to be a family-owned and -operated company that focuses on meeting your production needs.

What Are the Valve Parts We Manufacture?

Harvan manufactures several parts and valve components for clients in the oil and gas industry. Some of these include:

  • Valve Stems & Shafts: Valve stems control the opening and closing of a rotary valve. Typically, there is an actuator on one end of the shaft and the ball or gate is on the other. Stems control the internal mechanism of the valve which in turn control the flow of product through the valve. We manufacture these stems out of specialty metals to ensure corrosion resistance and strength whether they control liquids or gases.
  • Seat rings: These are the sealing components inside a valve. Often, they are used to seat the ball inside of ball valves which open and close to allow the flow of material through the valve.
  • Bushings: These are used to protect the equipment. The type will closely relate to the application environment and purpose. Bushings are used to reduce abrasion, vibration, noise, leak prevention or sealing and can have a corrosion-proof functionality.
  • Other components we manufacture range depending on our customer’s requirements.

Valves play a key role in the oil and gas industry, being essential to control flow rates, protect the equipment, as well as guide and direct the refining process of crude oil. Some of the most common valves used in the oil and gas industry include:

  • Control valves provide control over flow rate, pressure, and temperature.
  • Gate valves control the start and stop of the flow of fluid. These valves cannot be open and closed easily, so they are usually left completely opened or completely closed when in service.
  • Butterfly valves are low-maintenance valves that usually have an actuator to help isolate and regulate a variety of media with low-pressure loss. The design allows them to easily fit in all pipe sizes; when triggered, they will quickly open and close.
  • Ball valves control the flow of high-pressure liquids and gases with only a slight drop in pressure. Ball valves are made in a range of sizes and materials and have fantastic operating characteristics.
  • Check valves are used to protect the equipment from backflow and pressure build up they are sometimes referred to as non-return valves.
  • Pressure seal valves are used in high-pressure services. The pressure seal bonnet protects joints while the internal pressure rises.
  • Globe valves are linear valves used for isolation and throttling services. Their tight shut-off capability makes them a popular valve choice.

Services Offered

We are dedicated to providing excellent service to all of our customers.  To ensure the highest customer satisfaction from initial contact to product delivery, we offer these services to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more about how our team can help you in each of these service areas.

  • Laser cutting: Harvan performs 2D and 3D laser cutting, engraving, marking, and fabricating operations on metal sheets and tubular structures. We also can help you with cutting custom parts and marking intricate features on parts.
  • Precision machining: Our experienced staff uses the latest CNC machines to provide precision machining with low tolerances. All of our custom machining services are done in-house, which saves you time and money.
  • Welding: Harvan has state-of-the-art equipment and top welders to fabricate or weld components. We offer a full spectrum of welding services per AWS codes, and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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Valves are important for use in the oil and gas industry. Harvan is a manufacturer for valve components and valve parts in the oil and gas industry as well as other industries such as pulp & paper, mining and more. We are here to help! Contact us for your quote today. Our experienced and well-trained team is dedicated to exceeding your precision machining, laser cutting, and welding expectations.

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